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  1. What is your success rate for whitetail deer hunting?
  2. Are deer free roaming and in the wild or is it a high fence hunt?
  3. How much do deer tags cost?
  4. Are there any whitetail trophy fees?
  5. What is our minimum buck harvest requirement, and what is the management fee if a hunter shoots a buck beneath those standards?
  6. What should hunters bring on their hunt?
  7. How many acres does Whitetail Outfitters of Ohio possess?
  8. Do hunters have to sit in the same treestand all week?
  9. What is the average treestand height?
  10. What types of treestand setups does WOO use?
  11. Can hunters bring their own treestands?
  12. Can hunters bring alcohol?
  13. What should you tip the Guides and Cook?
  14. What if you wound a deer?

Answer 1:

Our success rates are some of the highest in the Midwest. Depending on weather conditions and moon phase, it's not uncommon for everyone at camp to see a shooter or harvest one. This is extremely dependent on how serious you are with your scent control system.

Answer 2:

100% Free Range. No high fences. Every single farm is private ground that cannot be accessed by the general public.

Answer 3:

Prices vary from year to year, but as of 2022 non-resident tags are $257+/-. Please refer to Ohio's DNR website here: https://oh-web.s3licensing.com/Home

Answer 4:

Absolutely not. The entire point is to put you on a big deer, not charge you more to harvest him.

Answer 5:

Archery: Minimum of 140-inches, 4.5-year old. Gun: Minimum of 150-inches, 4.5-year old. A $1,500 fee will be imposed for bucks harvested beneath this figure. The fee increases to $1,850 on the last day of the hunt These are set rules, unless stated differently while at camp.

Answer 6:

Pillow + Sleeping bag. Safety harness. Hunting clothing. Cooler for meat transport. Snacks. Hunt balance monies and/or Rebook monies. Scent control products. Lounge wear. Gun or Bow case. Rangefinder. Binocs. Headlamp. Screw-in Bow Holder. Etc.

Answer 7:

Over 250-treestand setups for hunting placed on 8,000 acres.

Answer 8:

Absolutely not. We want to hunt various locations depending on wind directions. We are very picky about our hunters being successful and have a highly organized system in place to make certain you are in the best position possible to succeed.

Answer 9:

Treestands vary from 18-foot ladder stands, to on the ground blinds, to elevated box blinds and 20ft hang-on stands. We have whatever you need.

Answer 10:

Hang-ons, Ladders, Elevated Box Blinds, Ground blinds

Answer 11:

No need. We have everything already setup for you. If we need to move a stand in a certain scenario, we will handle it for you.

Answer 12:

Yes. Alcohol is BYOB (not provided) and we do not mind the a small amount of consumption after the days hunt is over. However, we reserve the right to restrict anyone from hunting due to excessive alcohol consumption. We will not tolerate any client risking the safety of our hunting and/or destruction of our property

Answer 13:

Generally 10-15% of the total hunt price is normal. In addition, our cook staff appreciates tips, generally $100-$150 total for the hunt.

Answer 14:

Your hunt is over once blood is drawn.